A New Year Discovery!


                                                                Dr. Carey Yazeed  

Hi Everyone I apologize for being MIA  because I have been spending the last few months preparing for this year and making some changes starting with being blessed  with a new position that I am so excited about (and it is fashion based). This all started with one discovery call I had with Dr.Yazeed. I have been listening to her broadcast daily on Periscope and had a chance to speak with her on a one-on-one coaching call. In that call I talked about my vision for my blog and my career and how I had the ideas but not knowing where to start. After speaking with Dr. Carey she connected the dots and helped give me more clarity on ideas and what I needed to do. So I decided to revamp  my blog ( I had another blog that I started in 2008 ) and began 2017 with a new job and more time to dedicate to my website. I highly recommend that you click on the link above and check out her website as well as following Dr. Yazeed on  Twitter/Periscope.

Thank you Dr. Yazeed from Ischelestyle!

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