Goddess Locs and 10 fun facts about me!

Hello Everyone, I decided to change my hair again. I originally wanted black locs with blonde highlights, but due to limited stock I ended up with brown, auburn with blonde highlights. I really like this look and received a of compliments on it so I’m glad I tried something different because it’s better that what I wanted. Today I’m taking a break from a fashion post give you 10 facts about me so guys get to know me a little better!

1. A personal goal of mine is to learn Spanish and French.

2. I’m getting married in 87 days.

3. My favorite season is fall because I like to wear layers and textures.

4. I met my Fiancé in church.

5. My favorite food is soul food and Mexican.

6. I sometimes overthink things.

7. As soon as I became content being single, God sent my husband.

8. I don’t believe that a woman should ever propose to a man.

9. I don’t believe in being friends with an ex. There’s enough people in this world to make new friends. This only applies if there are no children involved.

10. I always try to find good in every situation.

If you have any questions or blog ideas please leave in the comments below and don’t forget to like my post! Enjoy your week!

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