8 things I learned during my engagement!

Here are some photos of me and my family’s from my bridal shower last weekend. I’m wearing an ASOS dress I found at a thrift store for $13!

1. Create a budget and stick to it- I’m doing okay with this one. It’s important to have a budget because I can see how things can easily get out of control with wedding cost.

2. Enjoy the journey-During this engagement me and my fiancé have grown closer and learned a lot about each other and the vision for our future.

3. Pray constantly- I need my peace, must keep my peace no matter what’s going on and what I need to get done.

4. You will find what you need-during this process I have found what I needed despite people telling me if I wait it won’t be available. This applies to wedding gown, decorations etc.

5. You can’t please everyone- I want a small, simple wedding. That means I can’t invite everyone I know. It’s nothing personal, don’t get offended.

6. Keep the communication open-with wedding planning sometimes changes are made in certain details and it’s important to make each other aware.

7. Time speeds up towards the end-It seems like my engagement was very long until the last 2 months.

8. Focus on what’s important-No matter what happens, remember that getting married is the most important part of the day.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone and if there’s something you want me to blog about please comment below!

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